Jan 7, 2013

Please help me~

Hello dear~ ^^
I need your help to support me in this photo contest by pne pf Indonesia Beauty Blogger, Miss Anindia and the owner of K-Pop Beauty Shop.

This is the prize for the winner (count by the vote)

How to vote me? It is easy peasy~ 
Just click ME (lol) and give your thumb up (read : like) to my photo. 
Oh please make sure you like my photo there ;) :p
 If you don't like that don't vote meee. I dont mind :)

Sorry my english skill issss @#*$%^%!%$&!* >.< 

Thank you for all of you who give me a support. *hug you one by one* i'll note all of your thumb *chuu~*

Have a nice day
God bless us

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