Feb 24, 2013

Bali Alus Lavender Traditional Spa Essential Scrub

Oh hi every beautiful ladies and handsome mister out there~ lol
How are you?? :D
I try to write this review in english. I'm so sorry if you find a LOT OF misspelling and mistakes here and there. YOU CAN comment where i do the mistakes and i'll change them. Thank you :*

This is my HG body scrub so far. I loooovvveee this scrub!
First of all, this is a local product and has various scent. I have green tea and lavender. 
Both are my fave scent! I couldn't decide so i chose both! Lalala :p

This is it~
Lavender Bali Alus Traditional Spa Essential Scrub with VCO!
This scrub is registered on POM.
So it is safe :)
check it here

This is the up side of this jar
Netto 100 g! :p 

 This is the back side

Ingredients : 
Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) extract, Petrolum, Milk Protein (Lactis proteinum), Oriza Sativa Bran Extract, Aquades, Coconut (Cocos nucifera) oil, Lavender Liquid B Olive (Olea europaea) oil, Methylparaben, Propylparaben.

Open the cap please! :p
After you open the cap, there is a plastic shield to keep the scrub stay there and not leaking out.
The scrub color is a lil bit purplish. Just a VERY lil bit. :D and the scent is AWESOME! GREAT! LOVE IT!!! #ignoreit lol
 The consistency is quite dense. Look at the picture below. See? :D
It has not much scrub as purbasari scrub has.

Is it great for scrubbing?
It does GREAT without hurt you with the scrub. Need a proof? Here. Sorry if it is a lil bit gross T_T
FYI, the pict below is MY HAND. T_T I have a super hairy hand! Errr.. Not only hand but also super hairy LEG. T_T Okay then. Since i am so afraid to do shave or wax, let it grow let it grow *singing* :p


How? What is your opinion? :D
After that, i feel the moist effect from VCO :)
What a great product (for me) *dance*

Conclusion : 
+ It is a GREAT product. 
+ Do the job WELL. lol
+ Smells good!! LAVENDER and GREEN TEA! Fyi i don't like the milk. it just have a strange smell
- Pricey. i got IDR12.000 for 100 g when i got Purbasari IDR13.500 for 250 g!!!
- Hard to find here, Surabaya. So far i never see this here. >.< I bought this at Bali.

That's all. I'm sorry if you found a lot of mistakes T_T

Happy Sunday,
Have a nice day
GOD bless!! <3

Super love,

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  1. ya cma di bali aja ya??
    oh ya sab, pricey have means expensive, i think you forgot word "not"
    hihihi, berbulu juga, ada temennya :p -_-

    1. It is pricey loh kalo dibanding lulur purbasari :p Lol.
      Ini baru liat barangnya di Bali pas beli oleh2 T_T Huhuhu.... :'(

    2. Hayuk toss sebagai sesama banyak bulu tangan :p *toss*

  2. beli di bali dimananya? rencana mau kesana lagi, mau nyobaiin :P


  3. Bali aluss.... Lulur favorit selama bukan aku yg ngelulur sendiri hehehe.
    Kalo sendiri pake scrub biasa aja, malas gosok2nya.

  4. Huaa, penasaran, ce sab pernah nyoba ovale lulur sama herborist ga? bajuss loh menurutku :D

    1. Hayo keracunan :p Wkwkwk... belum pernah :'( Ngga pernah kliatan masihan >.<

  5. ak uda nyobain ovale sm herborist bahkan sekar jagat n bali alus..

    tp mnurutku yg paling oke ttp yg alami kyk sekar jagat n bali alus..
    soalny mrk bisa jamuran kalo kelamaan/terlalu lembab.. uda gitu dakinya lebih nampol aja kyknya :D~

    1. Hihihi.... Iyaaaa... Tanggal expire nya cepet...
      Pernah denger bali ratih? Rusak setelah dibuka 2 minggu!! Wow.
      Iyaaa... cari dakinya itu loh :p LOL~

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  8. Aku di bali tapi belum perna nyobain ini loh.. >.<

  9. Sukaaa banget sama strawberry&aloe veranya
    Surabaya ada say,barusan aq ngeborong di mirota jl sulawesi...satu jar 17rb,anggep aj yg goceng ongkos tiket si jar ^.^

  10. Barusan nemu produk2 bali alus di hokky ruko graha family :-D seneng ya di surabaya kayaknya udh mulai masuk tren natural skincare ♥ buat lulurmu itu, aku belum ngecek bener2.. rasanya sih ada, lengkap bgt menurutku


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