Apr 30, 2013

Last Day of April, My day (not MAY DAY. lol)

How are you dear?
This is the last day of April :3 And today is Kak Arum from racunwarnawarni, Ce ncy from theprojectncy.blogspot.com and my Birthday :p Anybody missed? tell me in the comment box and i will paste your name and your blog link here cause we are going toooooo...... *ehem* nooo, not a giveaway (but yes, ce ncy is having a giveaway on her blog. Make sure you are in because it is WORLDWIDE) but party! Lol. No. Just joking around. LOL

Thank you guys for your wishes, your love and your attention to me. I feel so blessed to have all of you around me! *big hug*

Do you know Silky Scarf series from Etude House? I have the Hair Treatment from the series~ This is mine :
Cute design as usual from Etude House. Pink tube with golden fliptop cap. Cute~
<click the picture if you can't see it clearly>

I bought it at Etude House Play Time 3 held in Surabaya :D IDK the exact price for this product >.< Forgive me please T_T
When you open the cap, you'll find that the tube is sealed! :D For hygiene reason i think :p
Let's peel it off~ :D
It smels soooooo good. Seriously. Flowery scent. :D 
Love love it~
It has a cream watery texture. Not too thick, not too runny. --> Is it true how to spell this?
It stays there. lol.

It is so nice to put them on my hair. 
This is what i do when i wash my hair (once or twice a week) : shampoo - EH Silky Scarf Hair Treatment - Conditioner.
But, i think the scent is not last long :( Especially when i have a super strong scent conditioner. lol.
But it's okay :D

Every time i use this, i feel my hair smoother~ :) I just love to touch my hair more than usual. *flip my hair*

So, do you use this product too?
Do you have anything to ask to me?
Just put a comment below and i'll answer is ASAP :)

Now i feel sooooooo tired after a long-long day T_T
i will study again for tomorrow exam for a while (yes, just for 30 minutes i think) and then i am going to sleep  >_<
Good night dear
Have a sweet dream
God bless~

Pssst, i think i'll do a giveaway. how bout that? :D Are you excited? cause i do!post signature 
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Apr 26, 2013

Another Beauty Box

Hello guys :) How are you?

This is another post about beauty box that hyped in Indonesia :p
Which box is it?

Apr 23, 2013

Lolabox April Very First Box

Hi dear~
Lagi usimnya beauty box di Indonesia nih:)
This is one of 4 beauty box i know. Ada Lola Box, Beuaty Treats, Seruni Box dan Vanity Trove! :D
Please welcome my very first Lola Box *drumroll*

Apr 14, 2013

Lalaluna first anniversary

Hey dear,
How are you?
Berasa lama banget ya ngga ketemu aku ya? Hihihi.. Siapa hayo yang kangen angkat tangan di kolom komen :p
I miss my blog too! My lovely readers too! Yang bikin akhir-akhir ini sepi postingan adalah ujian dan internet yang eng-ing-eng-ing-eng *bunyi ambulans*. Inet sempet nyala-mati dan diperparah rusaknya routerku. IYA. I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT YOU ROUTER! kinda wth moment T_T Secara duduk di depan komputer terus-terusan berbuah omelan dari mama  sakit mata dan punggung serta terabaikannya yang lain. Yah, jadi maapkanlah alasan-alasan maksa di atas karena ada juga faktor x yaitu malas. #tolongabaikan

*Sudah hentikan merusak postingan di bawah yang indah ini Sabrina. Seriously. T_T*

Ke inti postingan kali ini (btw di atas juga penting sih. Untuk memuaskan napsu ngomong. LOL). Lalaluna first anniversary is coming to the world! :D Ups, i mean the celebration is! 
Visit Our Shop

Yes yes yes. Lalaluna adain giveaway!!! Dalam rangka ultah pertamanya. :)
Apa aja hadiahnya? Iya dong pasti pada mau tahu hadiahnya dulu. Ini dia~

ada DUA tas ISI HADIAH! Untuk siapa? Siapapun pemenangnya. YES. It is international giveaway beybihhhh! 

Ini syaratnya~

  • First, you must be follower of my blog. Why? Because it's my token of appreciation for my loyal readers... 
  • Second, you have to shout your greeting through your creation. You can make a makeup look, nail art, drawing, sketch, craft, anything! Yes, Anything based on your own creativity! Don't forget to say your greeting on your creation.. 
  • Third, don't forget to post your creation on your blogpost and put the link on the comment box below. 
  • Last, put this giveaway announcement on your side bar blog (use picture below as the thumbnail). 

Don't miss it~ Kalian bisa ikutan juga DI SINI untuk lihat postingan asli ce Josephine :)
Cuma sampai 25 April 2013. And i reallyyyyyy want this as one of my birthday gift! Lol. Yes, My birthday is coming too! Tambah tua seksi deh~ How about a celebrating giveaway for my lovely readers? :) Before that hit my Join This Site botton in my sidebar :)

Ini entry untuk Ce Josephine~

Ada yang tahu artinya? Yah. Sebuah ucapan sederhana darikuh~ Buatnya juga gampang banget. Lol. Next bakal ada postingan nylametin lagi ngga ya? Hummm.... ;) Till next post! *kisses*

Have another nice week
Happy Sunday
God Bless~

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