Apr 26, 2013

Another Beauty Box

Hello guys :) How are you?

This is another post about beauty box that hyped in Indonesia :p
Which box is it?

i bet almost all of you know which beauty box it is.

YES! It is Beauty Treats~ Wohoo~
This is mine. As you know, each box have different stuffs inside. Depends on your beauty profile :D
 I found my black box with a personal message!! Lovely ~ <3
Nah, you can found a cute pink ribbon and sealed with beauty treats Indonesia sticker :D
The box has BTI logos embossed print on the up side :D This box is a little bigger than my Lola Box here

And this is what i got from my april box :)
L'occitane samples
Masami Shouko black sponge
Foot Spray
Mirror from MUFE
Lioele Nail Polish
PERFUMIES -> THIS ONE I LOVE THE MOST! OH GOSH! >.< One is not enough. LOL I think i should get another scent. Any ideaaa? Oh, mine is Bamboo~

Ehm, IMHO i feel a lil bit disappointment with my first box. I mean everyone should get the thing they list on their three first pages right? But i missed my Blotting Paper :___( When i see another post from my blogger fellas i think i should get one too but i find no blotting paper there :,( *sob sob* IDK why :( 
do you have the same experience with me or it is just meee? :(
Is it okay if i write this? I think this is my blog, right? i could post anything here right? Oh please tell me if this is inappropriate :(

If you really really want this box YOU CAN GRAB THEM! Ah, not mine of course but you can order your own box : HERE
Make sure you try this once. :p It is soooooooo interesting to have something you don't know. Like give yourself a lil bit surprise :D
You love this? You can subscribe for 3 months in a row to safe some money :D

Beauty Treats Indonesia - The Number 1 Beauty Box Service in Indonesia
That's my april beautytreats report coming from Surabaya
I'll see you soon *hug*
Have a nice weekend
God bless!!! ^.^

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  1. astaga km subscribe brp box ?
    punya ku belom datang TT.TT

    pukpuk Sabrina, memang dapat atau gimana yah, uda dikonfirm ke BTI nya ?

    1. Satu :p Yang Lolabox sponsored :)

      Itu aku juga kurang tahu :( Sudah di email sama aku tapi masih menunggu balasan :) >.<

    2. sabar yah namanya juga surprise box ngag tau isinya apa, juga ada kemungkinan ngag sama dgn yg lainnya

      tapi so far aku liat dari beberapa unboxing blogger lainnya hampir sama sih isinya :)

    3. Iya sih :( Huhuhu.... Isinya tergantung beauty profilenya kita kok :D Kita cenderung mana diberi barang yang itu :) Hihi... Yang aku sayangkan seharusnya untuk blotting paper itu seperti barang 'wajib' dapet gitu sihhh :D

  2. i also a little bit dissapointed with my box :(
    i prefer the foot spray to be honest, i don't need the blotting paper ( i told them my face is combination, but why get this it's not really important) when they wrote in the brochure about eyeliner from make up forever, also another blogger has exactly same with mine but adding the PAC lipstick sample (feel not fair)
    and orlane, and vouchers *wish can change with someone else
    lucky i just subs for 1 month
    love surprise, but you know it just i feel like what i got not really match with my prference >__<

  3. ini isinya sama lhoo sama aku. Tapi beda di Perfumiesnya aja, aku warna pink.

  4. Lovely ~ The box seems interesting never heard of it before tho haha going to check it out!


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