May 31, 2013

Pink Pout

Hi pretty ladies, how are you?
Yes yes, i promised you to post about my CC cream buutttttt, i forgot to recharge my camera so, please wait for it >.< So sorry *bow*

Ci Lulu, one of my inspiration

Oh hello babe,

this is a little post about one of my fave blogger from Indonesia. Buat siapa saja yang hidup dab tinggal di Indonesia, bisa berbahasa Indonesia, saya sarankan mampir ke
Amazing mom behind the blog is super awesome. Aku belajar banyak darinya :p
*for my international readers, translate this post cause i'll write in Bahasa :p or just close the tab if you don't like it. It's okay~*

May 30, 2013

Total Beauty Workshop

Hi dear pretty ladies especially you who live in Surabaya city!!! ^_^v
Ada info workshop nih.

Workshop ini diadakan oleh PT ELKEN INTERNASIONAL INDONESIA di mana telah berdiri sejak tahun 1999.

May 27, 2013

Bite me please~

This is such a good news for us who love lip products.
Yes yes yes, Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain is already in Indonesia. *confetti*
I dream about this balm since i know it and really want to try one for me.
So when i go to my fave supermarket last week and i saw this balm i screamed out loud, in my mind. Noooo... I won't scream out loud there for no crime reason ever. Hehehe...

Here it is, my first Just bitten kissable balm stain:
Mine is 025 Sweetheart Valentine

The Ingredients

Sunlight, no flash, indoor near the window
up-down : 1x, 2x, 3x

Indoor, flash, near the window.
L-R : 3x, 2x, 1x

The more you swatch, the color become more intense. It is glossy <3

On my lips? Please bare with it. lol
my sexy bare lips. 
Uneven skin tone after concealing and forget to put the bb cream. *sigh*

On my lips, near the windows, curtain open and look very sweet~ <3
Aha, i swatch i many many times. so it is BOLD. But truthfully, i can't capture the BOLD color here. :( 
ehhmm, still uneven skin tone even i already put the BB cream on. :( Ehm, it is okay, right???

Kick me for the moustache. lol. 
err, is it called white cast? *sighh*
The pict taken indoor, near the windows with the flash on. Look bold right??? :D
My upper lip swatches less than my lower lip. So, you can see the BOLD color there now. *proud*

I like it cause it is really stain. The color will fade away after eat. Not gone but fade. You can add more after that or if you satisfied enough with that, yeah, just go with it. :D

Who want to buy this too? *me want another colors like rendesvouz maybe?*
Even the price tag is IDR, I got mine IDR because the shop always sells that way. I mean they always give 10% discounts for Revlon products. I don't remember with the Maybelline or the others such as Sariayu, La Tulip.
But if you buy this thing at the malls, the price is IDR 

This is my opinion. What is yours? Already try this too? Let me know your opinion and leave your link below on the comment box. I'll check yours soon~

Have a nice day, dear.
God bless!~
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BeautyTreats May Box

Hi dear,
I registered for BTI May Box last month in last minute.
Maybe you already see another blogger show their box.
Just in case if you are curious with what i have in my Beauty Treats May Box,
this is mine. ^^

May 23, 2013

This is a gift and wig included

Hey fellas~ How are you? I bet you miss me a lot, huh? lol. #overconfidence
No, maybe not all of you miss me cause you still can reach me by BBM. LOL!!!
Yeah, i miss my blog for sure. a lot. Lately my health condition is not that great. IDK why. maybe because lack of excercise T_T

May 12, 2013

Have you ever hear this?

Hello pretty ladies and handsome guys out there.
Well, i'm not sure if there is some handsome guys read this but it's okay to say hi, right? :D

Now i want to share to you about something HYPED lately. Ummm, It is a super famous store, GLOBALLY well-known. I bet almost all of you know. YES, it is WISHtrend.