May 27, 2013

BeautyTreats May Box

Hi dear,
I registered for BTI May Box last month in last minute.
Maybe you already see another blogger show their box.
Just in case if you are curious with what i have in my Beauty Treats May Box,
this is mine. ^^

My pink box consists of :
  • Skin aqua sun screen deluxe sample size (psst, this is my third deluxe sample. Before this, when Hada Labo is a hot topic here in Indonesia, i bought it somewhere in Pasar Atom and the lady gave me this sample. Twice went and bought there, twice got the sample. The second is not all type she gave but just two or three)
    There are UV Mild Milk, UV Moisture Gel, UV Whitening Milk, and UV Moisture Milk.
    I found that my UV whitening milk spilled out and, yeah, it's kinda a disappointment for me :(
  • Acnes pore strip - 1 sachet. It is real size sample. Of course. You just can't put half size of this strip only on your left or right side of your nose, right? :p
  • Face on Face Nourishing Blush On - Blooming rose
    REAL SIZE PRETTY BLUSH ON! lol. I love the color!!
  • Hada Labo Gokujyun Ultimate Moisturizing. I got a deluxe sample size (15 ml) for the face wash and lotion for DRY to NORMAL skin. I hate this lotion since it is not suit my skin type whic is oily combination and got a breakout after i tried the lotion twice last year. T_T
  • Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Natural - test set
    I love this test set and will give it a try when i have a chance. <3
  • Rudy Hadisuwarno Hair Intense Repair Serum
    Olala~ I need this for my damaged hair after curling and coloring. :p
  • D'Eyeko Lashes - Syahrini Merak
  • Koji Eyeliner Pencil - Sample size
    Even this is sample size, it's definitely real size for me :D
  • Masami Shouko White Puff with Black Fabric

For conclusion, i am not satisfied but not that regret with this May Box. 
First, i really don't need the lotion since i already had a FULL SIZE from Rohto before with the same type. For dry-normal skin. T_T Even i prefer the lotion from Shirojyun line *sigh* but it's okay.
Other than that, i love the pore strip, blush, MUFE, koji eyeliner and lashes. AH, the puff too (i can give it to my mom since she loves puff to use her loose powder)
From next month, BTI provides two type of boxes, 
First is gold box - IDR include shipping for Java Island.
The second is platinunm box - IDR include shipping for Java Island.

I want to try another box. I choose Platinum because i want more than this. LOL.

You could get one for you too by subscribing your box HERE
And for you boys out there, if you are willing to give your lovely mom, your pretty girlfriend, your lovely sister, your girl best friend or cousin, this is the solution if you don't want to waste your time to think what should you give to for birthday present or anniversary present or just a friendly present. You can subscribe and sent the treeats to them! It is very easy and convenient since you don't need to choice anything beside which box will you send to her. :D

That's my BTI May Box.
Hope you enjoy it~
Have a nice day
God bless!!

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  1. banyak amat sab ampe ada 3 sampel skin aquanya. Mau dong dilempar kesini satu set. :3

  2. kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :*


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