May 31, 2013

Pink Pout

Hi pretty ladies, how are you?
Yes yes, i promised you to post about my CC cream buutttttt, i forgot to recharge my camera so, please wait for it >.< So sorry *bow*

Now, while waiting my camera recharged, i want to show you a gloss. No, not a gloss i got from Wishtrend but this is Elizabeth Arden lip gloss. I got this from my mom who got from her friend. My mom don't use gloss, so i just made it mine. :p lol. Thank you mom. *kiss*

Now, let's look what it is and how it looks.
This is it. High Shine Lip Gloss no 19 - Pink Pout

The tube and the applicator

The slanted tip applicator. This type tip makes you easier to use the product. :D I like this

Then, let's do a swatch. But please please please, prepare yourself before scrolling down or you'll puke.

My bare face and lips. My blemish is gone by an application. With flash.

Still bare face with the blemis edited by an application plus the gloss on my half lips. 
Left from your side.
With flash

This is the gloss on my half lips (so you can see the difference between)
without flash

+ Pretty color!! I love the color~
+ Make your lips look fuller :p *smooch*
+ It has a glitter sparkling? I like this~

- Not long lasting since it is just a gloss. You should reapply after few hours or after eat.
- PRICEY (for me). $15 for the gloss. Okay, i am only a college girl without sidejob or another. ;p

So, what do you think about this gloss? 
Do you like it too?
Do you have it too?
Since this is a gift, i used this without any guilty :p and the color is pretty too!! <3

Do you like to put a gloss on your lips?
Sometimes i do. :D

Any comment, typos or any others just leave it on the comment box below. I'll definitely read it and reply it asap.

Good night dear.
God bless
Good bye May. Welcome June~

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DISCLAIMER : This blog is a personal blog written and edited by me. This product is a gift sent to me and this review is based on my HONEST opinion. For questions, please contact : Thank you <3


  1. Lucuu banget cara postingnya..ngakak! Hahaa
    Warnanya cakeeepppp sab :*

    1. Hihihi... *ikut ngakak :p*
      Iya Wiii... ayu warnanaeee >.< :*

  2. warnanya bagus <3 glossinya juga nggak berlebihan :D

    1. Iyaaa~ Cantik bener loh iniiiii... Fufufufu~ *tiup racun*

  3. Cute color sweetie!

  4. hahahahha pake meme segala...sab sabbb.. baguss di kamu, natural :D

    1. Lucu yak si spongebobnya :3 Hehehe~
      Thaaankkksss... I bet it'll look good on you too!!!

  5. baru bacaaaaa, kemana ajah selama ini diriku, ketinggalan banget :( bagus sab warnanya, natural yak di kamu, paling suka bentuk bibirmu, sekseeehhh :*


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