May 12, 2013

Have you ever hear this?

Hello pretty ladies and handsome guys out there.
Well, i'm not sure if there is some handsome guys read this but it's okay to say hi, right? :D

Now i want to share to you about something HYPED lately. Ummm, It is a super famous store, GLOBALLY well-known. I bet almost all of you know. YES, it is WISHtrend.

They have a super mission to help us to be more beautiful. Seriously, who don't want to be more beautiful, more pretty, more flawless? :D I DO.
Now, they are selling in 50 COUNTRIES, and has already introduced 400 PRODUCTS from 30 BRANDS!
One of their best seller product which i already have as one of my giveaway gift (YES, call me lucky girl please. LOL. #slapped) is O.S.T Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum. My first serum and my HG. I'll post my review in the other post. Stay tune, dear~

Another intersted me from WishTrend is the Wish Box! As you can see below, the pretty WishBox theme now is MASK. 69% discount!! I adore mask since it is sooooo good for us, for our skin to be exact.
They have different theme for every moment for their Wish Box. Yous want to get this one for you? Great! You can get them here. Make sure you have your wishtrend account (psssst, since they have a lot of affiliate program with beauty bloggers around the world and giving away their famous, great, and nice products!!)

I think it is the last but not least i want to share is WISHTRENDTV!
Yay for VLOGS!
I love their videos since their first host, Leah :D And i love Tay as well as i love Leah <3
You should peek Tay Skin Care Routine here
She is so pretty, cute, and funny! :D I bet you are going to like her as i am :D

If you want to look for their products, just click their WEBSITE or 
you can like them on Facebook here
stalking them here
and here
Last, subscribe here

Want more reviews about their products? You can find them by googling. A lot of bloggers and vloggers already review their products and i will become one of them! lol.

Please keep eyeing my blog as i will post another review soon!! :D
Love you guys!!!
Have another great week in your life,
good night
God bless!!!

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  1. wah penasaran juga ya buat ngilang flek hitam di wajah qu, thankyou infonya ce ^^

  2. cute blog <3

    oasap giveaway on my blog


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