Jun 26, 2013

Quick Post : BTI Juni

Hai semuanya~ Apa kabar?

Post kali ini ngga bakalan panjang kok. Just to show you my Beauty Treats June platinum box. Yes. Platinum.

Sparkling cover~

Dengan harga baru dan jenis yang baru, tentu saja aku berharap lebih dari yang sebelumnya kudapat. Ini dia paket yang kuterima baru saja. Belum sampai sejam yang lalu :p

Jun 21, 2013

My First Giveaway Ever! lol

Halo halo~ :D
Apa kabar?

Sesuai yang aku pernah janjikan, aku bakalan adain giveaway! :) Yay for that. Sharing is caring :p lol
Giveaway ini aku adakan untuk teman-temanku tersayang yang beralamat di Indonesia. Sorry for international readers :__( *Yeah, for now IDK how to post something to other country AND, the gift is not that hype and huge and something INDONESIA so i can share with you. I think you can get these items out there easily T_T and yeah, give me a time to this first one, if i make it maybe i'll hold another one internationally? With products i can show to the world "Hey, these are Indonesia products and this is not bad" Sorry T_T)

Jun 14, 2013

Colorful Summer

Hello pretty ladies, as you know for almost all of us, summer is coming!!! :)
Then the well-known brand Etude House launch their summer collection such as Color Pop and Bling in The Sea and i felt like WHAT, new collection again?! But but but, their new collection is super COLORFUL and i LOVE it~ <3 Aigoo~
Look at the pictures below :)
For Color Pop collection, orange is dominating them. Why orange? Orange gives you a super fresh look lah. Look at Sulli above. The orange just make her look so fresh.

Jun 5, 2013

How i use it

Are you konjac lovers?
I am.
I do love my konjac sponge since first i knew it.
This is my post about them before. here.
And in this post i want to share how i use it. Please take your snack and  enjoy this :D

This is what i prepared :
The Sponge
Bowl or anything that heat resistant and microwaveable!
Cold Water

Pour the water (you can use any water. I used tap water) nd soak the sponge.

Taraa~ Let it soak well~

Then put the bowl into the microwave >.<

aaaandddd... hit it~ I set it for a minute. A little tips, before you heat the soaked sponge, you can heat the water first and then heat it again with the sponge. For what? To heaten up your microwavea. BECAREFUL! It's HOT!
While waiting it done, you can dance that famous horse dance *heeeyyy~ Sexy ladies~*

aaaanndddd, you're done! :D

 Your sponge is clean now~ Do this once a week to prevent the germs and unseen creatures live in your sponge *ewwww*

You want more tips? Okay. ^^
Please make yourself comfortable~ :D

You should add this to your preparation :
nose pack
This is my scrub from TSF, My nise pack from TFS and mask from Innisfree (i depot it)

Usually when the sponge is hot, i pick it up anddddd.....
tarraaamm~ This is meee... My edited bare face. LOL. Messy hair~

You can put your hot sponge all over your nose. I use to do this for open up my pores~ WHYY?? Yessss, i will put the nose pack after that.

While you are waiting the pore pack-ing done, fill your empty bowl with cold water and soak the sponge in.

After you done with the pore pack, you can peel it and throw away into the bin. lol. Then pick the cold sponge, and put it on your nose. To shrinkage your pore lah~ You don't want your pore bigger if you miss this step right? Or else, you can put anything cold on your nose or just wash it directly with the cold water, but i like to put the sponge because it feels bouncy on my nose~ :p
If you don't have any cold water, just put it on the fridge!

After that you can put your mask or scrub the other part of your face, do like what you usually do. It's fine if you're not over hurting your skin like scrub your nose again *ouch* 

Plussss, put the cold sponge on your swollen eyes~ :D lol
Yessss. This is my another edited bare face. I erase the pimple. lol. and brighten my skin? IDK what the feature i used >.< sorry~

Another way or daily way i use the sponge issss for washing my face with facial foam.

Olala~ Don't forget to 'scrub' your lips with this konjac sponge. 
And doneee~

This is how i use my sponge daily and weekly. 
Do you love the sponge too? 
Do you ever try the sponge? 
It is 100% natural and biodegradable~
If you want your own sponge, you can own one too or two by contacting them here

God bless!!

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Jun 3, 2013

Apa sih hal yang paling bermakna dalam hidup kalian?

Hola~ Apa kabar semuanya?
Ehm, di tengah keributan skripsi, di tengah kesumpekan cari jurnal dan referensi, seperti biasa aku suka blogwalking dan menemui adanya sebuah berita gembira dari Mimoyoja Beauty Blog. Apa? Masa giveawaynya diperpanjang sampai 15 Juni! Oke. Menurut aku ini jodoh. Hahaha. Kenapa? Skripsi -> ngetik. Giveaway ini -> nantang jiwa menulis (iya, jaman smp-sma aku suka banget nulis-nulis cerpen yang ngga pernah jadi.)