Sep 25, 2013

Hawaiian Lip Balm

Hi dear!

I want to share to you my experience with my new lipbalm :)

And here welcome my Hawaiian Tropic Lip Balm Stick Sunscreen in Vanilla Mint (phew, what a long name)

Sep 24, 2013

The All New Wishtrend

Haiya girls (and guys, maybe?) How do you do?

Well, a little bit information on this blog won't harm you, right? :p
As i wrote on the title, i will introduce to you the all new wishtrend

If you don't know what is WishTrend, well well well,  you can read about them here and here. (I bet a lot of you already know about this company :D) And they have 'new face' :D
 I think this new design on the web make it more convenient and easier to explore too!

Besides the store, Wishtrend gives you some tips and usually hold (a) giveaway(s) with some bloggers too and make us have a chance to try various products you can find on their web. Sometimes they will provide some discount voucher too ! Oh-wow~
 Psst, not only on the web but you can also check their Facebook, twitter, and one of my favorite channel on YOUtube (you can find their muses, Tay and Serine there! These two beautiful girls will give you a lot of information. Make sure you check it out and don't forget to subscribe!)

Well, maybe you think that "Why WISHtrend when i can find the others?" Hmm, click here to know WHY.

I wish you enjoy this information and enjoy shopping with Wishtrend :)

Stay pretty,
happy shopping
God bless!~

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Sep 16, 2013

You make me.... blush

Hai ya! Apa kabar semuanya?
Tahu dong ya di Indonesia lagi demam beauty box :D Siapa yang masih rutin subscribe? :D Aku subs kalau aku lihat temanya menarik. Hehehe...
Sebelum lanjut, please think out of the box! You'll know why below.

Pink and Undecided: #Pink's Birthday Giveaway :D

Hai cantik :)
Ada info giveaway lagi nih :D Ce Mindy (#Pink) dan Ce Pauline (#Undecided), dalam rangka menyambut ulang tahun Ce Mindy (2 minggu lagi! ^^) mengadakan giveaway di blognya --> #Pink's Birthday Giveaway:
Well, saya ngincer beauty stuffnya :p (off course i'm not a fashion blogger!) :p
wish me luck!!!

Have a wonderful day
God bless!!!~

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Sep 15, 2013

Sakuranko: Giveaway Etude House CC Cream Cosmetic-Love!

Hi girls! Sakuranko is giving away Etude House CC Cream.
NOwadays with the CC Cream madness, you should not miss this opportunity! :D

Just click the link above and good luck!

God bless!!!~

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Sep 9, 2013

i Love Green Tea (so much!)

Hey ya! How do you do? I'm good :)
So sorry for a long long time have super minimum post here T_T Sorry >_<
Ehm, don't you miss me? :p lol
Well, i miss to write something too here in my blog.