Sep 25, 2013

Hawaiian Lip Balm

Hi dear!

I want to share to you my experience with my new lipbalm :)

And here welcome my Hawaiian Tropic Lip Balm Stick Sunscreen in Vanilla Mint (phew, what a long name)

Well, another mint for me. What a mint lover i am!. ^_^ Truthfully, i chose the other flavor (the tropical one) BUT, at that moment i realized the expired date of the balm less than a month (i found this at Guardian Galaxy Mall Surabaya, no offense since i love this store too!) *_* Why they didn't check on it regularly? I almost bought it! Gosh. I left the store after i told the BA and moved to Century :) Looked around and I FOUND THE LIPBALM THERE with cheaper price! :D but there was only this vanilla mint flavor available :( So yeah, i bought it cause i didn't mind with mint :p

It packed on a blister with transparent plastic on the front and paper board on the back side, so you can see the lipbalm and the expired date. Please keep in your mind that you should check the expired date to everything you buy!
EXD: 0115

*click on the pict to see it clearly*
Well, you can use this not only on your lips but also on your nose, ears and cheeks! :) 

Sealed! :D

Don't be afraid to put it anywhere and anyone. Yes, everybody can use this since it hasa natural finish, not the glossy one :D No one will realize if you put a lipbalm on your lips :p

Let's see what the website said : 

Delicious Indulgence with juicy, moisturizing flavors that protect while they soften lips! Not only will you help protect your lips with broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection, but you will also keep them soft with the Aloe Vera, Cocoa Butter and Vitamins A, C & E enriched formulas. Also great for often forgotten spots like your nose, ears and cheeks!
Features & Benefits:• Formulated with our patented SunSure® Technology   - Tested in the natural sunlight!   - Less chemical sunscreens• Water resistant (80 minutes)• Helps reduce your chances of chapping, blistering and sunburn • Lightweight and non-waxy • Moisturizing with Vitamins A, C & E• Delicious Vanilla Mint flavor• Great for everyday use
and yeah, my lips moisturized enough :) well, i don't want to put it in my nose, cheeks and ears since i use another sunscreen for it and i feel gross to put it on my nose or ears or cheeks. :s
Please, don't put it under the sunlight or it will become an ordinary lipbalm and don't forget to reapply after one and a half hour for maximum protection :D

My conclusion?

+ moisturizing
+ non glossy
+ non sticky
+ with SPF and PA
+ sweet
+ multifunction too :)
+ hygienic, no need to use your fingertip
- a little bit pricey, find the right store!

Have a soft kissable lips
God bless you!~

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disclaimer : i bought it with my own money.


  1. hmmm jd pengen nyoba mba tp harganya lumayan buat kantong >.<

  2. Oh my goodness your blog is SO cute! It will now be my daily dose of cuteness!! :) xx

  3. mint lipbalm pasti segerrrr itu jd pengen nyobain

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  5. Packagingnya lucu bangeeetttt..... Salam kenal yah ;D Btw background blog kamu cute banget... thanks for following me!



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