Nov 28, 2013

Christmas Wishlist

"A little wish won't hurt you"

Apa kabar semuanya? Menjelang black friday, apa sudah punya wishlist yang harus dipenuhi? Atau sudah siap untuk ikutan PO? Hehehe... Same here~

Beruhubung blackfriday kebanyakan dari negara barat dan harga dollar mengGILA *sigh* i prefer i close my eyes for a while, work harder, looking for money, make a wishlist for next year and, spend some later :p

But, a little christmas wishlist won't hurt my heart, right?

And this is mine~

1. The christmas set from innisfree and i like all of them. The design is uber cute~ :)
Here it is :

2. The famous etoinette 2 series from Etude House and i'm eyeing on the PRETTY parfume (yes i am scents maniac). The only thing i really really want from this series :)
taken from here
Oh well, the lipsticks are cute too :)

3. Full collection from Rimmel Kate lipsticks :)
I already have some and would love to have all. Well, not all. I won't buy the super pale nude color lah~
Now, what is your wishlist? Let me know by leaving your link on the comment box and i'd love to know what yours~
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Have a wonderful thanksgiving day to you who celebrate it, happy study for whom on final exam, happy co-schap dear my friends and have a nice day y'all!!
God bless!~
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  1. mau juga etionette nya >,< cm harganya sab mahal wkwkw

  2. Hi Sabrina! Thank you for joining the giveaway.. To make this post a valid entry, please don't forget to put the giveaway banner on this post yaa.. hihihihi
    GOOD LUCK :*

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  3. The perfum looks so cute *_* and I love kate lipsticks!
    I'm following you... you can follow me back if you like :) just come visit me! kiss*

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