Mar 17, 2015

January 2015 Favorite

Hello guys!
I just realized that i didn't set it right. I scheduled this post on first of February but well, nothing happened back then.

It is really outdated because i change some of my produvts and really love it but at least i wrote this so hard and i just need to post it.
It's my blog anyway. Lol!

So here it is my January things i heart!

This is my first favorite items post. I hope i can make it well for every month after.
So let's get started.

Lofthouse's Fisherman's Friend
Taken from here
The first thing of my always bring item is Fisherman's Friend candy. And i love it because of strong mint flavor it has. I bring it almost everywhere because this is just a lifesaver. Especially when you think you have a bad breath. *eww* I like any flavor they have. The stronger the better for me. But if you look for something not too stronger, you should try their fruits flavor such as cherry :)

Skin&Lab Dr Vita Clinic B plus trouble x cream
[SKIN&LAB]  B Plus Trouble-X
taken from Wishtrend
I love this cream. This cream help me to maintain my face from minimum amount of pimples. I got this cream from Wishtrend. Thank you for providing my magical cream. I'll do a review post soon for this lovely cream.
Don't forget to use this link or this code 23139705 to get 5$ discount

Clinique Smart Custom Repair Serum
Clinique Smart Custom-Repair Serum
Taken from Clinique
I got this small babies from their Breast Cancer Awareness event last year. I like the texture of this products, how it easily absorb. I already try it for 3 weeks and it don't break me out instead help to rid away dullness on my skin.

Pantene Aqua Pure No Silicone Shampoo
Taken from pantene indonesia
I realized that i can't stand for any silicone shampoo (it causes pimples on my scalp!). So i change my shampoo into this newest product from Pantene and i really love it. Well, i still put a little amount of conditioner which contains silicone BUT i just put it on my hair tip. Not onto my scalp.

Mustika Ratu Lipstick warna Favorit no L05 & L07
Taken from Rakuten Website
L 07 taken from here 
L 05 taken from here
When they had an event last December, i got these babies because of 25% promotion and it beautiful colors! It is such a dirt cheap lipstick with a good creamy texture and not drying at all. This is sold for IDR 21.500 but i got this for IDR 16.125 less than 2$ (even the normal price for current rate)!

NYX lip gloss
taken from here
Second from the left
Taken from here
Okay, i don't know the shade of this super pretty gloss because i got this from Ce Katherin. But i believe this is one of this set which is classic coral.

I like to use it whenever i feel put a lipstick is too bold or above the lipstick to add more shine and plump to my lips.

Utama Spice Wellkiss Lip Balm
taken from Utama Spice Website
This natural ingredients brand had a giveaway with one of Indonesian Blogger back then and lucky me, i was one of the winner and got 100K voucher to spend. Having an on off relationship with my old lipbalms, i doubt this lipbalm will do great for me. But I am totally wrong. This lip balm is great moisten my lips. 

Minyak Kayu Putih Eucalyptus Cap Lang
Taken from here
This is such my life saver. I got a gigantic bottle to put it on my room and a tiny one to bring everywhere. This product is such not only this month fave but all time fave. LOL. I use this whenever i got a stiff neck, itch from mosquito, bloating stomach, feel nauseous or just to avoid any stinky think. :)

Minyak Angin Safe Care
Roll On Refreshing Oil Aromatherapy
Taken from here
I already use this for 8 years and counting. Not only me who like this medicated oil but also my family. The 'aromatherapy' scent is just amazing. I already try another brand which produce similiar oil like this but i still prefer this better than the other.

 This is for my January fave products. What is yours? You can share with me at the comment box or leave your blog/vlog link below.
I will update my February and March faves next month 
see you later!

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Disclaimer The products bought by my own money unless it stated.

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