Mar 18, 2015

Recue Me


Lately i my skin got very itchy in some parts of my face. Something shocked me when i washed my face used a more harsh face soap to cleansed my makeup. That area was flaky! It looked like this :

Well, actually was not that bad but it scared me. I think my face is oily so i would never ever get a flaky skin but that is totally wrong. Then i realized i am lack of water. I mean i rarely drank that time or for enough time so i could get that flaky skin. *super sad* 
What made it more bad is the itchy feeling all the time :(

Luckily, Wishtrend sent me a moisture rescue set from Klairs *yay for Klairs* for a review purpose and that was the right things in the right time. Thank you Wishtrend. I do love you! It helps to sooth my skin, moist it up and reduce the flake.

So i have :

First of all i doubt these things would not break me out but surprisingly, i don't get any break out at all. Super yay for Klairs again. That's why i love this brand more and more and more!

Currently they have Wish Box X Klairs with 45% off discounted price that you can find those products above inside with additional 4 more masks, my super favorite Klairs BB cream and the Black Sugar Polish Scrub inside! what a bliss~

Don't forget if you are a first time at wishtrend, you can put my promotion CODE : 23139705 or via THIS LINK to get a direct $5 cashback so you spend less money. PLUS it is FREE SHIPPING if you spend more than $60!!!! 
What are you waiting for?
Just check that out or regret for not buying. :p
For more review will be posted VERY SOON!
Lots of love,
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  1. tak kiro foto pertam aitu kulitmu saaab XD ngageti ae XD

    1. Ahahaha... Bukan kokkk... Ngga separah itu dan hanya diantara alis situ ceee

  2. aku juga ngalamin ini pas pindah ke dataran tinggi T_T gatel, merah dan ngelupas.

    1. Terus diapain? Apa masih gitu? >.< Sebel banget kalau wajah kering dan ngelupas.


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